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Due to one's hectic lifestyle it may not always be possible to find the necessary time to visit your local gym in order to perform your desired workouts. Of importance is the fact that working out or performing a simple exercise routine is vital in order to help you maintain a healthy and radiant body. If this is similar to the situations that you are facing then perhaps you are in need of personal fitness equipment which you can use right in the comfort of your own home.

StairMaster 3800RC Recumbent Exercise Bike


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When it comes to exercise equipment then the Stairmaster Company is the name that has an answer to your particular exercise problems. With their many products proven performance and track record the Stairmaster companies series of machines have been considered to be among the top inventions of all times. These machines have historically produced a significant change in the lives of the particular users.

One of the most preferred products from the above-mentioned leading producer of exercise equipment is the Stairmaster 3800RC Recumbent Bike. This machine represents the latest cordless, modifiable resistance recumbent bike made today. The Stairmaster Company has incorporated as many of our modern advanced technological concepts into this machine as they could in order to provide the consumer with a quality high tech product.

Using this product means you will end up feeling less tired at the end of your exercise period thus you are inclined to work out longer than you used to with much less muscle exhaustion. The model 3800 RC Recumbent Bike is a machine which is best for users that are experiencing various back problems since the machine does not tire you easily.

The Stairmaster 3800RC Bike comes equipped with a cordless structure complete with its necessary transport wheels. It also contains what is referred to as a Polar heart rate monitoring mechanism and incorporated a series of contact heart rate monitors. There are five workout programs included which extend the usefulness of the machine plus a multi-stage fitness exam.

Added features include a heart rate control course with a single touch start-up program choice switch. A high-tech LCD console is included which is in direct sight of the user. The Stairmaster model 3800RC Recumbent Bike has a seat which provides for easy adjustment in regards to the height, an alternator resistance system and the variable pedal options.

See Lowest Price on StairMaster 3800RC


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